Movie Review: Maleficent



This movie is not for those who expect fairy tale comes true. Visual effect nya excelent, perfect CGI dr awal sampe akhir film, Angelina Jolie dan Elle Fanning merupakan cast yang sangat tepat. But the story is very weak, empty at some parts, and i must admit, the movie maker ruined the original fairy tale. Unlike Snow White and The Huntsman yg perubahan cerita jadi memperkuat kisah filmnya, perubahan cerita di film ini malah merusak kisah dongeng yang selama ini kita ingat dr masa kecil kita. I just hope Hollywood would do better on the next live action of disney’s classic, Beauty and The Beast, which reportedly would be next on the list.
And PS: the sleeping beauty was not sleeping, she was just taking a nap.


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